Focus on the task at hand: saying goodbye to VHS.

Find myself wanting to scroll through Twitter SO BADLY at times – like a smoker, HABIT/ INGRAINED in my muscle memory. MUST PICK UP PHONE. I’m used to checking after coffee, bathroom breaks, afternoon slumps, teatime, lunchtime, during coffee, waiting for anything. Mornings, Afternoons, Late evening. Before coffee.


True, I fell off the wagon a few times. But I’m making the rules. I am allowed (says me) to post on my news and political account once in awhile and to dm my brother. The universe reminded me STAY OFF when I saw “jihadi obama” on a hashtag. O.M.F.G. Remember the “UNPATRIOTIC AMERICANS” questioning Dubya? Don’t get me started.

Doing better with Facebook but went on once to see how my friend’s surgery went (only because she didn’t return my call.)

I didn’t visit or “like” (emote) any posts. Phew.

Guess what I’ve discovered? I have a lot more time! When the break from writing becomes a green adventure outside or Tai Chi or stillness (watching the infinite between my thoughts) becomes priority. When I can remind myself- you are chipping away at whatever arbitrary (read: SO IMPORTANT) goal you set- progress is being made! Maybe they won’t want to bury you with your bins afterall! Film gets scanned, photos get deleted, edited, organized S.L.O.W.L.Y., home movies get CONVERTED TO DVD THEN PLACED ON YOUTUBE.

(It’s official. We are no longer carrying memores on VideoTape!)

The green is calling me now.  Will visit the monarch caterpillars who are all cocooning.

Just like me.

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How to beat back uncontrollable anxiety in 6 easy steps.

I don’t actually know 6 easy steps nor is my anxiety uncontrollable, but a huge trip is coming and I have spent much of precious preparation time on catastrophizing, which surely must have its root in catatonic because I can’t feel forward momentum. I can feel fear and reasons not to go but they say to push pass your fears in order to get out of your comfort zone in order to challenge yourself.

I’m good at doing that. But the fact that my inaction is at a catatonic level, I don’t think any experience can outrun the cloud of melancholia following me.

I fear I’m way better in my comfort zone and that’s about as good as it’s gonna get.

Is that so bad?