Method Acting & A River Baptism


Writing is about submerging oneself into another realm.

Drowning out the chaos surrounding you and finding the center which births your world.

 I find it difficult to come out of a writing session. [Defined as sitting focused, 5-7 hours, trying to remember to get up and stretch, eat, and drink.] It has to be driven by a singular mission: listen to the characters voices. Know the theme and settings, but immerse fully.

I know of no other way. I realize, if I were an actor, I would definitely be a method actor- brood about, inhabit the entire being, become the story. IRL- I become easily distracted, and need to commit fully (i.e. get off social media for the summer to finish this DAFT 2ND DRAFT) in order to pinpoint thoughts to completion. The pinpoints of stillness actually become the ordered chaos of plot.

There has to be utter unshakeable (HA!) faith pervading all- allowing that plunge, daring to hold your breath throughout your creation, shake off the outer events of life (Sweet JESUS) and become reborn in a world of your own making.

Know. That. I. Am.

Good writing day. 45 pages.

[ # 7 of 7 posts #SocialMediaSummerSabbatical]

Why create a new path when the old one is working just fine?


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