Why create a new path when the old one is working just fine?

We tend to assess ourselves at the wrong times.

Depressed states, anxious states, angry states- the negative emotions tend to be our best motivators. Making a decision in any of these states however is most often, exactly what we shouldn’t do. But we do. (Note: I am a proponent for not applying “shoulds” of any kind in our lives but in this case, it seems to fit)

Is it possible however, to assess our life when things are going well? When we feel happy? Satisfied and at peace?  In a “good place”? Is this the time we feel motivated to make a change? Take a risk? Why not just appreciate this transient moment and sink back into our comfort zone? Why dare to try anything different at this point when things seem fine?

It’s easier to accept that this is the precise time to make decisions, as we are least effected by the suffering of our ego. (Trying to convince ourselves NOT to evaluate ALL  when we are in the opposite place is harder.)

Wild creatures make paths to escape predators, as a way back to the nest or food source, and often have several alternative routes.

That dent in the couch cushion fits our ass so well, why move at all?

I’m taking a different path this summer and it’s not from ennui but from wanting to challenge myself and risk the repose I have on various  Social Media sites (Twitter & Facebook).

I have nothing but freshly fallen snow in front of me.


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