Day 2 – Day 3

Stomach virus. Normally, someone would be wondering why I wasn’t tweeting.

Peek at my other anonymous  twitter account. Immediately close. Later peek at my main accounts notifications and SEE A NUMBER. “Why are people @ing me? I’m off? Can’t you see?” Don’t check. I text my niece and then call. We talk for 2 hours.

I’m reading the Times and news sites daily. What do you mean I can’t sound off about Freddie Gray? Sanders on Colbert”?  BBC America’s new show “Thirteen”? The 25 hour congressional sit-in for gun control?  (I call Senators Rubio and Nelson.)

 “West Side Story” is on TCM and I can’t announce the irony of witnessing SCOTUS thwart Immigration Reform 55 years later…I like to be in America?

KELLY CARLIN WHEREVER YOU ARE (which is Scotland today along with Trump) – I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE NOT ON #SM FOR #BREXIT .



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