day 1


“Good Morning! I love you, Lisa!”

Did I say that? To myself? Should I even turn my phone on? I will to check texts. No texts. I can do this.

Hot water and lemon juice, sun-greeting, coffee. I’ve usually already checked all (3) of my Twitter accounts and scanned Facebook. I continue to read the paper. Where’s Sunday’s NY Times? I wonder how many retweeted my LAST tweet last night? Why am I still getting notifications on Facebook? How do I uninstall this? I can do this. Looking forward to my own outrage! It’s the first day of summer.

Is the sky bluer today?

17 hours since last Social Media Post :

Quiet. Such quiet the RINGING is so loud in my ears. But. Still.

Feeling of stillness. Anxious. Happy not to be checking in and looking down every time I pass my phone!

I have an outside experience and don’t tweet or Facebook the moment.

24 hours:

If I could tweet, I would tweet out I-CAN-FUCKING-DO-THIS (and it’s great and freeing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

[# 2 blogpost for #SocialMediaSummerSabbatical – go to bottom left or right (titles) for other posts]

Day 2 – Day 3






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